Reaching OUT came about when Arana started exploring images and shapes that appealed. Her style tends to follow the seasons... Her recent return to the red, gold and black acrylic painting was 'winter' inspired. Reaching Out is summer time, bright colours, outdoors and for the Summer of 2015, Arana stumbled across the Hawaiian goddess Pele, protector of the volcano and a symbol of awakening. 

Here is the first drawing done, which lead to a 7 piece artwork display and exhibition on the beach. Considering how much Arana connects with day, night and nature, she visualised an image in her mind... The introduction of birds and fish to her artwork was a thrilling surprise for those following her work. Arana lives close to the beach and in a part of Hong Kong that is very much a 'beach town'. Though Stanley is more commanly known for it shopping and dining, there has always been a strong pull towards water sports. Her parents took her to the beach and Arana learned to sail, windsurf and fish all on Stanley Main Beach.