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Inner conflict Outer Grace

Arana Kennedy is interested in human behaviour and how people socialise in this busy day and age. With this in mind she created this front panel textured painting, featuring a popular 'shade' of gold among western countries and the more 'orange' chinese gold. As an Australian born, Hong Kong resident she feels that she is a bit 'blended' and likes how with both perspectives its a bit like living in a YING YANG kinda world. 

This part of the artwork respresents how we present ourselves to the world... the glossy cover show.

On the reverse of the canvas, Arana has choosen to show how a more rough, inner conflict is going on behind the Happy presentation for the general public and everyone else.  For this artist, the inequalities between men and woman seems like a good place to start to improve society for all, not just 'mankind'.

On the underside, there are two panels, day and night. A womans glamour, make up and colour.... Yet in the natural sunlight, she is free to be herself, away from the watchful eye... naturally beautiful.

Please contact Arana Kennedy at if you are interested in veiwing her work in her gallery.

Arana has done a number or large commission art pieces, so if you like her style... Please let her know!


Inner conflict Outer Grace 

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