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The adventure continues....

Out of the darkness and warm hand reaches out

A soothing voice of calmness and hope

The nonchalant non judgement is so refreshing to her

She suddenly see passion, vision and self worth everywhere


The lights all turned on and woke up her soul

A deep kind of stirring, so fierce, strong and bold

Her feet were not shaky, her mind was alert

It was all very clear to her and she could see how hard she'd worked


Unruffled by the chemistry dashing through her mind

Maybe this time will be different and she won't feel the need to cry

She was given time to speak out, she didn't wait her turn

she stood up proudly roaring like a queen looking after her heard

As a new adventure begins...

"born under the balancing stars of Libra

'Arana' means moon in Aboriginal Australian

A belief that we are all connected by universal energy

As everyday needs its night, that is when the moon shines with passion and delight"


Lamma on Board!

Place - Lamma Island

Friday 8th Decemeber - 7-10pm opening

exhibition 8th to 18th Decemeber 2017


Each artist will create their individual art on a 6" disc

With over 100 boards already in the making, this will surely be an impressive showcase of Artists

Ocean - Palm Oil spill & art

It was a sun shinning hot summers day

She pondered the idea of artistic play,

Yes, she thought! with no doubt in her mind

Now was the time to walk out and be fine!

As she stepped out onto the hot sandy beach

her eyes noticed something that looked quite unique

Large balls of snow just covered the sand plain

with a lot more just floating like icebergs how... Strange!

She walk up closer to inspect the weird stuff

she wondered what it was and will it effect her rust?

Her toe came in contact with that odd MUCK!

The buttery feeling was wrong, gross and YUCK!

She went into the ocean to change her sea water

tiny white balls of this horrid butter like ______

Her efforts to avoid it,, were all in vain

What the hell can clean this up? Certainly not rain!

She heard the report of a palm oil spill,

OH! that's what that stuff is! she heard herself shrill

It was hard to remove without thick soap and water

to it remains in this art as a gentle reminder!

How many lives where lost in that disaster

first the orangutans, fish, sea mammals and ____

Beach closes, animal loss isn't enough?

Common people! you need to WAKE UP!

Look at the beauty that could grow if we cared

Fine stitching and craft ship, no angst or despair 

Fair paid labour that pays living costs

Individual ideas bought once NOT cheap rot!

The details and images nature provided

has inspired myself and another great artist

To do something wonderful for our amazing planet

creating new environmentally sound practise

Fare art and value to each persons creation

making so many fantastic things on location

Recycling, reusing and reducing our waste

Is one thing we can all do, so catch up and take haste

Your actions do matter and your efforts do count!

Together we can do this, use your talent and mount...

A great idea that is true to your heart

and a partner in crime can be a good start!


Saturday 16th September 2017

I can't quite believe it has only been one month since I began the rust bucket adventure. Agy, textile artist and myself have been collaborating on this project. It has been a wonderfully learning curb for us both as we work together and watch our ideas just magnify!

Using the same process as below, but adjusting shapes has been so much fun!  

More will be revealed shortly...


Wednesday 16th August 2017

Working in collaboration with a textile artist Agy. I was instructed to search for rust on the beach and cut up my old unused bed sheet. Personally I felt rather pesimistic about this project... After years of complaints about rust getting into everything in Hong Kong, I was soon going to learn that 'rust' had always been discussed in a negative light. 

Art is about progression and fluidity... and having an open-mind about anything! So I got out my bucket, wire & bolt cutters and headed to the beach in search of rust!

After finding the little beach covered in plastic bottles, I collected a whole bunch and relocated them to the recycled plastic bins. People love their big grant gestures. Most people don't have the time or energy for such commitment. My idea is that if you see a bunch of rubbish. collect a bag and dispose of it. If everyone who passed by spent 5 mins doing it, the beach would be clean by mid morning. No grant gesture, just a simple act of community kindness. 

One hour into my search for rust, I have picked up a number of plastic bottles... THE ART OF PROCRASTINATION! Pondered the plastic crisis... and almost forgotten what I set out to do! I had another look and just couldn't see any rust. What was I thinking? finding rust on a beach? It's not like its going to flaot in. I stomped away from the beach feeling rather defeated. All the other beaches in the area were government run and well groomed... no rust would be found there.

Then I stopped... and I thought... out of all the beaches in my area, this is the beach with the highest possibility of finding rust. I had to go back with a fresh set of eyes and a clear and open mind. Had my mind been plagued with negativity after seeing so much plastic? It's very easy getting distracted by negativity! NOT today, I say.

As I walked back towards the little beach... suddnely before my very eyes I saw what I missed before... PLENTY of rust that I had pretty much walked right over the first time. When you really focus on something, does the universe provide it to us, or do we mearly adjust our vision to see what we want to see?

Once I collected up the rust... I needed bolt cutters to break it down.

Wrap in scored (treated) cloth and submerge in sea water.

Leave for one week changing the water daily to stop gross stuff growing and stinking.

Over the week, watch how the rust reacts with the salt water and bleed colours into the fabric.

The results can be very surprising!

Rinse and dry in the sun...

Behold... The Turan shroud! Can you see the face of Jesus?


Now that the fabric is all ready... on to the next step.

Stay tuned, more updates of this special piece of cloth coming soon. (assuming its not lost in the post)

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